The Peculiar World of Jennifer Lathrop

Warning: There is a menagerie of curious characters running amuck here. Generally they are busy haunting this author who writes their stories as fast as life will let her. But I must caution that once discovered they may attempt to seize you into their world.

The Journey has begun:

An earthquake has hit Fresno, California sending Dory and her black cat, Toby, through the earth and into the Underworld.

A new chapter will be put up every Friday by midnight until the journey is complete.

Join Dory as she travels to the City of Dead to find the Dread Phantom of Ooze in an attempt to get back home.

Along the way she forms unlikely friendships with a zombie, a creature and a werewolf who accompany her in hopes that the Dread Phantom will give them what they desire too.

As Dory finds out it doesn’t hurt (not badly anyway) to have such friends when you’re just a girl in a land of giants, apocalyptic horsemen and where the pigs fly. 

There is no place like home. 
- L. Frank Baum

Welcome to my world.

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