Monsters, Tigers and Bears. Oh my.

Chapter 1

The Earthquake

An earthquake sends Dory and her black cat, Toby plummeting through the earth.

Chapter 2

The Giants

Dory lands in a strange place deep within the center of the earth, saves the giants and meets the White Horseman of Conquest.

Chapter 3

The Zombie

Dory begins her journey to find the Dread Phantom of Ooze at the City of the Dead and saves a stuck in the mud zombie along the way.

Chapter 4

A House in the Swamp

Dory stops to rest on her way to find the Dread Phantom of Ooze at the City of the Dead and learns how it came to be that Bog the Zombie lost his brain.

Chapter 5

The Creature

Dory inadvertently reanimates a creature who longs for a heart.

Chapter 6

The Werewolf

Dory meets a werewolf who has lost his daring.

Chapter 7

A Journey Through the Bizarre

Dory and her new found friends’ journey through the Bizarre Lands where they narrowly escape a herd of Fearsome Moomoos.

Chapter 8

Mud, Mayhem and Mushroom Soup

Our travelers attempt to cross the Red River but are met with adversity.

Chapter 9

The Fairy Queen

The Creature saves the Fairy Queen from an evil troll. In return she releases the enchantment that has befallen Dory, Toby and the Werewolf.

Chapter 10

A Blind Man and His Three Headed Cat

The troupe arrive at the City of the Dead and are met by the gate guard and his disagreeable three headed cat.

Chapter 11

The Terrible City of the Dead

Dory and her friends come face to face with the Dread Phantom to discover he has many faces.

Chapter 12

The Red Horseman of War

Dory and her friends take the Dread Phantom’s challenge and go west to face the Red Horseman of War.

Chapter 13

A Little Noddie

Dory rescues her friends with the help of a little Noddie.

Chapter 14

The Flying Swine

Dory discovers the curious Flying Swine charm and learns how they came into being.

Chapter 15

The Dastardly Dread Phantom

Dory and her friends have returned to the City of the Dead, where they learn the meaning of disenchantment.

Chapter 16

The Craft of Illusionment

Our wandering band of misfits get what they greatly wished for, illusionistically speaking.

Chapter 17

Of the Odd Shaped Whistle

Dory learns that more important than going home is that no one is left behind that shouldn’t be.

Chapter 18


Dory seeks out the one who sent her on this journey in the first place.

Chapter 19

The Cranky Rocks

Because even rocks can get the blues.

Chapter 20

Just Another Mirage

Otherwise known as Know Thyself.

Chapter 21

Leader of the Pack

For everyone has a destiny.

Chapter 22

The Weeble Affair

Dory and her friends encounter an obstacle that they can not go around, go through or go under, and find that sometimes it is just best to go over such things.

Chapter 23

The White Horseman of Conquest

Dory learns that home is only a wish away.

Chapter 24

There is No Place Like Home

The End.

There is no place like home. 
- L. Frank Baum

”That’s because I’m not an angel. I’m just a girl.”
The Creature
“I know I should care, but seeing that I don’t have a heart...”
The Werewolf
”I’d howl at the moon but someone might hear me.”
The Zombie 
”You’re only afraid of me because I might want your brain.”
Table of Contents
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Monsters, Tigers and Bears. Oh my. 
by Shadow Leitner
The Fearsome Moomoos
They had red fiery eyes and snorted before bearing a set of fangs.
Frank and The Fairy Queen
Frank knew right away that this was no ordinary fly for he could hear it crying for help in a very small voice.

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